French 18th century walnut commode

Elegant 18th Century Provençal commode
from Fourques, France

Walnut, circa 1740, with later handles

Height:  33¾ in / 85 cm
Width:   53¾ in / 136.5 cm
Depth:   23¼ in / 59 cm

£2,850 Ref: NPO275


French mid 18th century walnut commode with curved sides, made in the town of Fourques across the river from Arles. Each major centre of furniture production in 18th century Provençe created their own distinctive design, with towns such as Avignon or Arles recognisable for their far more ornate, sometimes heavy, floral motifs. The town of Fourques, however, was more refined in its design, and was distinguishable  for its use of swirls in its decorative carving and adapting the motif of the snail with its sinuous curves and soft legs.