Grumpy-looking birds in a row


Group of 7 birds on a branch

Signed with monogram
Ink and wash on a gilt background
46½ x 7½ in / 118 x 19 cm

Born in Toulouse, Hélene Gasset-Ousset joined the Société des Artistes Méridionaux in 1914. Elected as a full member in 1922, she exhibited there on a regular basis for ten years from 1925 -1935. She became a specialist in design work – carpets, embroideries, fabrics, cushions patterns, lacquer panels, handbags- most of which were adorned with delicate vegetable or animal motifs, for which she was greatly admired for thirty years.

From 1932 she was based in Paris from where her work was often exported abroad to the U.S., Switzerland, Britain and Greece. Following her return to Toulouse she produced many drawings of animals for which she is best known today. She exhibited at the Salons des Indépendants and d’Automne, the Salon des Artistes Décoratifs and the Salon of Women Artists.


Sold Ref: NPP071